Nine workingdays left before vaccacion. This week has really been hot and sunny...
First we´ll go up north, staying almost a week at my moms little cottage. It´s really a nice place, but not much to do. You can go biking, walking the forest or riding on the neighbours horses ( if you´re not deadly afraid of horses as I am) I guess Ellen - my daughter - will go riding a couple of times. After that we´ll go home, catch some clean clothes and go out to our place on an Island a couple of miles outside Stockholm. We´ll stay in our tent, hanging on the beach, climbing a few rocks, biking the forest, try to catch some fish...drink a cold beer - or two - on the pir... Just relaxing. Feels like it´s nine very long workingdays left to do.

Hu, jag är verkligen usel på att skriva här. Men här är ännu en liten figur.